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Wed, Jan 24


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Parenting Power-Up: A 7-Week Journey to Harmony and Connection

Join our 7-week parenting program, 'Parenting Power-Up,' where we'll guide you through simple strategies for better behavior, handling sibling dynamics, and motivating your child. Learn how to work together as a united front and gain valuable insights by observing your family.

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Parenting Power-Up: A 7-Week Journey to Harmony and Connection
Parenting Power-Up: A 7-Week Journey to Harmony and Connection

Time & Location

Jan 24, 2024, 7:00 p.m. – Feb 28, 2024, 8:00 p.m.

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About the Event

Jan 24th 

When - 7- Weekly Friday 7 PM - 8:00 PM 

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  • Group Pricing: Encouraged for additional savings

"Parenting Power-Up: A 7-Week Journey to Harmony and Connection"

Module Breakdown:

  1. "Setting the Stage: Unveiling the Blueprint for Success"Overview of the program structure and duration. Let the transformative journey commence! 
  2. "Smile! Reinforcing Positivity for Better Behavior"Assignment 1: Explore the magic of positive reinforcement and set the stage for a brighter parenting experience. 
  3. "Mastering the Art of Consequence Statements"Assignment 2: Dive into the "When..., then..." and "If..., then..." strategies—empowering parents and enlightening children on how the world operates. 
  4. "The Power of Prevention: Expectations and Rewards Unveiled"Assignment 3: Learn the art of setting expectations and rewards for a tantrum-free parenting experience. 
  5. "Sibling Dynamics: Birth Control on Feet!"Assignment 4: Navigate the intricate world of siblings with strategies to maintain peace and harmony at home. 
  6. "Fueling Motivation: The Power of Picture Thinking" Assignment 5: Discover motivational methods using the visual power of picture thinking. 
  7. "Mastering the Parental Diplomacy Game" Assignment 6: Equip yourself with tools to manage other adults in your child's life, ensuring a united front in parenting. 

Bonus Insights:

  • Navigating Family Unity: A word about working together as parents to provide a cohesive environment for your child's growth.
  • Observing from Afar: Harness the power of observation as a tool for gaining valuable insights into your family dynamics.

Embark on this transformative 6-week parenting journey, where challenges become opportunities and exhaustion transforms into empowerment. Let's redefine parenting together!

Let's embark on a transformative 6-week parenting journey with 'Parenting Power-Up.' From positive reinforcement to mastering consequence statements, this program provides practical tools for navigating sibling dynamics, fueling motivation, and managing external influences. Discover the art of family unity and the power of observation in creating a harmonious home. Led by a seasoned parent who understands the challenges firsthand, this course promises to redefine your parenting experience. Let the fun, learning, and empowerment begin!

See you there, 

Nadine Schumont


Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?" Parent Course Facilitator


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