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Whether you are after information about the process of our programs or more information about particular Davis® program, we have compiled some helpful information! If you still have questions head to our FAQ page or send us an email.



While there are differences between each of the programs, there are a few elements in the process that remain the same. 


Before committing to a program, the Facilitator will interview the individual and a parent/support person to establish rapport and develop a set of written goals or areas of desired improvement; the exact goals will vary depending on individual needs.


The individual will learn the following mental focusing techniques:

Either Davis Orientation or Alignment, followed by Fine-Tuning (The

Facilitator will determine which tool is best based on the individual’s

maturity and learning style.)

Auditory Orientation and Fine-Tuning (to enhance focus and balance

through sense of hearing.)

Release (stress-reduction and relaxation technique.)

Energy-dial (self-regulation of energy level.)


Koosh Ball Exercise (to improve focus, balance, and coordination.)


To determine that the goals of the Program have been met and that a clear grasp of the Davis tools has been achieved.


This will be provided to parents, tutors, or other designated individuals. The support training will include instruction in how to assist the individual with the program , and will highlight specific needs of the individual, especially the importance of fostering the individual’s self responsibility for using the Davis learning tools. A follow-up schedule will also be agreed upon.


Davis Facilitators will provide up to six hours of follow-up consultations via phone, Skype, or office visits on an as-needed basis,without extra charge. However, it is the responsibility of the individual who has received a Davis program to continue with post-program follow up.


At a minimum, the Davis Facilitator will provide the individual with the program's materials without extra charge.

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Professional services described as Davis®, including Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis® Symbol Mastery, Davis® Orientation Counseling,  Davis® Attention Mastery,  Davis® Math Mastery, and Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners  may only be provided by persons who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators or Specialists by Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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